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Four Hijab Looks That Every Women Must Try!

Posted by The Hijab Store on

Carrying yourself in a chic outfit can offer oodles of self-confidence. Try our top four hijab looks this season and dazzle like a diva!

Hijab and the shirts

A very popular trend that allows plenty of options is the matching of the hijab with a long, flowing skirt. Tulle skirts in pastel shades with colorful hijabs can make you look so elegant. Maxi skirts seem to be the favorite of office-goers. Feel free to adorn a cardigan or a leather jacket to complete the look.

Hijab and baggy pants

Street style fashion lovers cannot miss this one.Try matching your hijab to the color of your pant or simply play around with your choice of bright and light shades. A tucked in shirt with a baggy pant, an overcoat and a chiffon hijab is all you need to look modish.

Leather pants and jeans are fantastic choices too!

If “baggy” is not your cup of tea, wear your favorite pair of jeans with a full-sleeved shirt. Choose a pastel color hijab and add some pearls in the form of a brooch or a headband! The jeans, the shirt (make it a lighter shade preferably) and the hijab offer a professional look and the pearls offer the perfect finish. For a more stylish look, replace the jeans with baggy leather pants.

Long coats and the hijab

A long coat, long leather boots and hijab with tassels is a fantastic combination and very apt for the winter season. Replace the boots with flats or sneakers for a more casual look.

Three Ways to Accessorize Your Hijab Look

Accessories do not look good with the hijab, stated an old myth! Hijabi women can accessorize themselves and look as fashionable as ever! From brooches to head bands, there are multiple accessories that go well with the hijab and can indeed turn you into a true diva! Find out the top three accessorizing tips from hijabi fashionistas.Bows are classic [...]

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How to match hijab styles with the shape of your face?

Hijabs have evolved with time and picking the right hijabs online is very important to look fashionable and trendy. While there are multiple factors that influence the choice of the hijab color and material, it is the facial structure of a woman that has a strong impact on the hijab style. Read the below pointers to match the right hijab [...]

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Hijab Style Ideas for the Spring Season

It does not matter if it is spring or summer; hijabs when worn right can look stylish and make you feel comfortable. Read on to grab some interesting fashion tips to get the perfect hijab look this spring season.This is the season to look bright and beautiful!What is spring without a blast of flashy colors? Grab bright shades of [...]

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Which Hijab Fabric should you pick? Here are Tips

Year after year, hijab fashion trends continue to grow. This has created a revolution and lead to the creation of a wide range of fabrics. So how to pick the right hijab fabric that suits best for you? Find out below: Satin: Satin fabrics are pretty luxurious. Be it printed or plain, they add a touch of richness as you wear [...]

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Tips to Flaunt Your Hijab Elegantly During Winter

Hijab-wearing, fashion enthusiasts love the winter for reasons aplenty. With so many options and new trends around, winter shopping for the perfect hijab look can be a lot of fun. Before you set out to buy your winter must-haves and new hijabs online, glance through the tips below.A long coat can do great wondersFor work or for any [...]

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Getting Graduated? Here’s How to Wear the Perfect Hijabi Graduation Outfit!

Finally, you are getting graduated…congratulations!! There must be a lot for you to prepare for the big day, and one of such things you must focus on is your outfit! If you’re Hijabi and would like to make an impression with a Hijab, follow these essential tips: 1.Short Dress, Loose Trousers: The first and foremost rule to follow – Small outfit, [...]

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Hijab Tips to pull off a Long Haul Flight

A long-haul flight can last anywhere between 6 to 14 hours. Spending long, boring hours at the airport or in the flight certainly has an impact on the health and physique of the traveler. Read on to find out some simple yet effective tips to get through this crucial time while wearing a hijab. Wash your hair right before flyingWash [...]

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Get Inspired with these Makeup Tips for Hijabis

Any woman wearing a hijab looks so elegant, and it shows that they have utmost respect for their culture and religion. Hijabs have evolved to become a fashionable accessory whilst keeping its intent. Are you a Hijabi? Up your beauty quotient with these simple makeup tips that go well with your hijab.1.First and foremost, start exploring for fashionable and [...]

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Essential Hair Care Tips for Women Who Wear Hijabs

Women who wear hijabs often tend to ignore the health of their hair. As a result, the hair that is comfortably hidden under the hijab becomes dry, limp and dull in the long run. Follow these simple hair care tips while wearing the hijab to ensure optimal hair health. Let the scalp breatheBe sure to untie the hair and [...]

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