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Things You Need to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Hijab

Posted by The Hijab Store on

Choosing the right stuff for your hijab is an actual fun, and everyone is not aware how to get it. Here we have discussed the two common factors one should keep in mind while choosing a hijab.

Current Trend

While choosing a hijab, you need to focus on the current fashion trends. You can also decorate your hijab with the help of trendy accessories according to the latest trend. Embroidery work, jeweled stones, floral prints and butterfly pins give a great look for your hijab. Shaylas for mature females and long stoles for young girls are the best choice, and it can be worn with layers to give a gorgeous look and stylish feel. The net, chiffon, and silk stuffed hijabs make a unique and trendy scarf.

Face Shape

Every one of us is blessed with different face shapes. So choosing the correct hijab according to your face shape will give you a unique look. Picking the right stuff can make you feel comfortable while wearing and it should match the color and pattern of your outfits too. Before buying a hijab, you need to know your facial color, structure, and feature, so that you can choose the one best suite you. We have mentioned few tips to wear hijab for three different face structures.

  • The Square Face: You can “ovalise” it by framing your hijab around the forehead in a rounder shape.
  • The Rectangular Face: You can avoid hiding your forehead and eyebrows to get a good look.
  • The Round Face:Let the hijab fall against your cheeks and chin loosely.

Know the Different Health Benefits of Wearing Hijab

The term Hijab means “barrier” or “to cover.” Women wearing hijab possess more confidence and strength as they were less mindful of their appearance and physique. There are a number of health benefits of wearing hijab and some scientific studies recommend that hijab is the best choice for women. Hygienic PurposesFor the hygienic purpose, head cover is used by doctors, nurses, [...]

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Beautiful Hijab Styles to Try This Festive Season

The celebration time is nearing! With the holy month of Ramadan already upon us and Eid right around the corner, the women are preparing themselves to spruce up their fashion quotient. Hijabs play a considerable role in women’s modesty and grace. With time, hijab has become the important fashion accessory, and there are millions of different ways to wear them. [...]

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Elegant Hijab Styles to Flaunt at Any Party Celebrations

In this new age, hijab has become a rage and stir as a trendy fashion statement more than a religious and spiritual meaning. Today, most girls wear hijab as a fashion accessory and make them look more stylish and trendy in any formal occasions and parties. Here we have listed the best hijab party styles to achieve a stunning [...]

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Interesting Ways to Style Your Hijabs and Turbans

Hijabis always love to experiment and try different styles while wearing hijabs and scarves. Read on to find interesting 5 ways to style hijabs & turbans this season.Turban Style Wrapping hijabs in a funky turban style is a casual and trendy way to style yourself. Styling your hijab in a turban with a knot on the top provides a [...]

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How to get the perfect spring street look with a hijab?

“Hijabi women cannot wear street fashion” is an old myth. With the variety of hijabs sold online today, women of all sizes and age can sport a trendy look with the right choice of hijabs, clothes and accessories. Here are some simple hijab tips for looking chic this spring season.1)  Spring represents colors. Hijabi women can experiment with bright, attractive [...]

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Creative and Inventive Ideas to Organize Your Hijabs

Struggling to organize your scarf collection? Are you searching through the web to find out some amazing and unique ways to store your hijabs? Then you are at the right place! Rolling them up and putting in the drawers will not be conducive and the technique is too tedious. Here we have provided a whittled list of some cute and [...]

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Four Hijab Fashion Secrets for Beginners

Hijabs have evolved with time and any hijab store offer multiple varieties of the clothing in different color and designs. As a beginner, one needs to know a few lesser known facts about hijabs to wear it best. Read on to find out more.  1)There is a hijab for every and any occasion Hijabs are available in plenty of fabrics [...]

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A Simple Fashion Guide to Look Stylish Wearing Hijab

It’s the era of hijab fashion! Nowadays the teenage wear western modest clothing in different styles combined with different hijab styles to keep up with fashion trends. So, here we have listed a few different ways to get creative with hijab fashion!Maxi Dresses and Gowns Maxi dress are gowns come in a different varieties of materials including cotton, polyester, silk [...]

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Simple tips to Care for Your Hijabs

When you have found the perfect set of hijabs to match various life events, you obviously want to protect them with much care. Explained below is a simple set of hijab care tips that can help prolong the life of hijabs and protect them in their best condition.1)  Hijabs must be washed separately and not mixed with other clothing [...]

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