Five Tips for the Stylish Hijabi

Wearing a Hijab is widely considered as a cultural interpretation of the Holy Scriptures. With time, Hijabs have evolved and women who choose to wear this interesting piece of clothing can easily manage to look stylish while paying due respect to traditions. Here are some easy tips.

Pay attention to colors

There is a lot to experiment when it comes to choosing the right shades for hijabs. Bright colors add a lot of pomp and flatter the skin tone. For the sun tanned skin, beige and other neutral shades can be complementary. Match the hijab with different shades of the same color as this style may come across as a way of self-expression.

Try different textures

The silk hijab never fails in creating killer looks. Women can however continue to experiment with a number of other options like crepe (best suited for hot summers) or a textured hijab to add a fresh touch to the overall outlook.

Create cohesion with the right accessories

Hijabs look fantastic when paired with the right accessories. Try over-sized sunglasses or a bold belt without projecting to be too flashy.

Add some color to the lips

While donning monochrome hijabs in subtle shades like black and brown, choose bolder lip colors like red and burgundy to have a brighter look. It is best recommended to keep up with light lip shades while using hijabs with opulent designs like animal prints or glitters.

Learn a few hijab techniques

Hijabs can be worn in more than one way and choosing the best style to complement one’s face is a smart move.

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