Four Hijab Fashion Secrets for Beginners

Hijab Hijab Fashion

Hijabs have evolved with time and any hijab store offer multiple varieties of the clothing in different color and designs. As a beginner, one needs to know a few lesser known facts about hijabs to wear it best. Read on to find out more. 

1)There is a hijab for every and any occasion

Hijabs are available in plenty of fabrics and designs and can be chosen based on the specific need of the wearer. In fact, there are over hundred ways to tie hijabs online thus never allowing the wearer to feel bored or monotonous. 

2)There are no bad hair days

While beauty experts recommend following a very strict hair care routine for hijabis, this unique piece of clothing comes as a savior on all those “unruly hair” days. 

3)You need a fair sense of fashion to flaunt a hijab

Wearing a hijab perfectly and fashionably can get a little tricky. One needs to invest time and effort to find the right colors and patterns of the fabric in order to achieve a coherent look. Most modern hijabi women buy a hijab right after they purchase a new outfit.

4)Hijab staples are mandatory

While there are different types of hijabs available in the market easily, some standard fashion staples like a black hijab (for work or school), a neutral shaded one (best for the matching game), a silk hijab (for the special days) and Pashmina for winter are mandatory.

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