How to Look Like a Diva in a Hijab?


While wearing a hijab is all about modesty, a fair dash of makeup can certainly add style and charm to the overall appearance of the “hijabi woman”. Read on to grab some interesting makeup ideas to complement the hijab look.

Focus on the eyes

Eyes are the first point of attention for a woman wearing hijab. To start with, select an eye shadow that goes well with the color of the hijab. If you are wearing a hijab with dark hues, create a contrasting look by choosing lighter eye shades. Complete the eyes with a generic application of mascara and eye liner.

Keep the lip shades lighter

Unless you are attending an evening party, keep the choice of lip colors mild and subtle. Shades of peach and pink generally go well with most colors of hijabs. Bright reds and oranges are perfect for weddings and other such grand ceremonies. In any case, make sure that the lip color is a close match to the color of the hijab.

Choose a hijab to match the shape of your face

Buy hijab that is suitable for your skin tone as well as the shape of your face. Highlight the facial features subtly without going overboard.

Complement the look with the right accessories

The secret to looking stylish in a hijab is the choice of the right accessories. Trendy shades, a glittery clutch and high heels are some of the best accessories that can complete “the perfect hijab look”.

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