How to match hijab styles with the shape of your face?

Hijabs have evolved with time and picking the right hijabs online is very important to look fashionable and trendy. While there are multiple factors that influence the choice of the hijab color and material, it is the facial structure of a woman that has a strong impact on the hijab style. Read the below pointers to match the right hijab style with the shape of your face.

  • If you have an oval shaped face, your forehead is likely to be wider. While fashion experts consider an oval shaped face suitable for almost every hijab style, wearing the hijab a little higher on the forehead can hide the width.
  • Chubby cheeks and a full chin prove you have a rounded face. Women with heavy cheeks and big ears must let the hijab flow through their face. Let the hijab cover almost half of the high cheek bones as this can help to create a sleeker look.
  • For a heart-shaped face, do not add too many layers of hijab and also ensure that the hijab is not pinned right under the chin. Instead, add a tiny point on the top part of the forehead using the scarf.

If you have a noticeably strong jaw line, then you would be categorized under square-shaped faces. The trick is to soften the lower part of your face by letting the hijab flow freely under the chin. The forehead is the most beautiful feature of a square face and you must choose the apt style to show it off.

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