Turkish Hijab Style

35 inch Hijab Fashion Hijabs print hijab Scarf Scarves Silk Silk Hijab silky satin solid turkish hijab Style Turkish Hijab

We are changing over our Turkish style hijab from satin stripe square scarves to 100% silky satin square scarves. We added 13 solid, beautiful, bright colors today. These hijab are not actually made in Turkey, rather they are in the style of the Turkish scarves. Why pay between $30-$100 for an Aker, Armine, or Pierre Cardin 100% silk scarf, when you can get on from our store for a mere fraction of the cost? Our Turkish style hijab are 35 inches square and made from 100% silk satin. Lightweight and super soft, these scarves are very comfortable. Please hand wash these delicate hijab as they can get caught on other clothing in the wash and get damaged. We will be adding printed Turkish hijab over the weekend, so stay tuned!

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