Which Hijab Fabric should you pick? Here are Tips

Year after year, hijab fashion trends continue to grow. This has created a revolution and lead to the creation of a wide range of fabrics. So how to pick the right hijab fabric that suits best for you? Find out below:


Satin fabrics are pretty luxurious. Be it printed or plain, they add a touch of richness as you wear them. Satin has the ability to capture and reflect light from various angles. Due to the same reason, it is best that you avoid inexpensive satin and look for premium quality satins instead.


Jersey is a stretchable material that is pretty much similar to the cotton fabric used in T-shirts. It provides a great level of comfort, no matter how long you wear it. As it absorbs sweat very easily, they are best to wear during warm climate. However, for those having a round face, jersey fabric isn’t a good choice.


Chiffon fabric is lightweight and airy. Chiffon is the best choice, if you are into draping. The way it drapes is so good that it creates style and elegance effortlessly.


Winter is around and the best material to look for the season is definitely knit. Knit is a perfect fabric that’s great to wear during the colder weather. Protect yourself from the cold with this fabric whilst flaunting your style using this classy hijab.


Polyester is made from synthetic fibers and is the sturdiest of all. This is why they are mostly used in furnishings and clothes. For some of them though, polyester hijab might not be as comfortable to wear due to its lower sweat absorption level.

Now that you are aware of some of the common kinds of hijab fabrics, start shopping for hijabs online. Get help from the experts if you are confused about making a choice.

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