One Layer Saudi Style Niqab Face Veil For Women Soft Islamic One Piece Burqa-No Screen

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  • LIGHTWEIGHT 1 LAYER NIQAB VEIL-Made for 100% Soft Polyester for every day, all season long wear
  • BLACK NIQAB: Non-see through unless under direct light like a camera flash or bathroom mirror light
  • LONG NIQAB: TOTAL LENGTH: Approx: 20 inches long. FACE VEIL LENGTH: Approx: 16 inches wide
  • GREAT FOR SISTERS THAT WEAR GLASSES: No screen. No eye string. Eye Opening Approx: 7.5 inches
  • MADE FOR NARROW FACES: Perfect for petite niqabi or young Muslim women that are ready to wear niqab


Details: Material: 100% Soft Polyester Number Of Layers: 1 Layer Total Length: approximately 20 inches Tie Headband Width: 33 inches Eye Opening Width: 7.5 inches Veil Width: 16 inches Keep it simple with this single layer, no screen tie back niqab. This style is great for sisters that have glasses. Please look at the measurements, then measure your face, head & hair BEFORE ordering. This item is not see through unless you are standing in direct light (someone flashing a flashlight on your face or the lights in a bathroom mirror). Please do not order if you want HEAVY weight material. This material is breathable and lightweight polyester. This long black niqab is lightweight and easy to wear. Simply place it in front of your face and line the eye opening up with your eyes. Then tie the back of it onto your head. This niqab can be worn with any color hijab or under scarf. You can wear it on top of you hijab shawl or underneath the hijab scarf. It makes a wonderful long face covering for Muslim women that need large Islamic veil.

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