Getting Graduated? Here’s How to Wear the Perfect Hijabi Graduation Outfit!

Finally, you are getting graduated…congratulations!! There must be a lot for you to prepare for the big day, and one of such things you must focus on is your outfit! If you’re Hijabi and would like to make an impression with a Hijab, follow these essential tips:

  • 1.Short Dress, Loose Trousers: The first and foremost rule to follow – Small outfit, loose trousers. Graduation robe you wear will add extra volume to your body; hence it is best to depend on short outfits so that you don’t appear bigger than you actually are.
  • 2.Shoes: Graduation is not just about outfit, but shoes as well. When you walk on stage to receive your certificate, one of the first things your audience who immediately notice is your shoes. For a comfortable walk, use shoes with heels not more than 4 inches.
  • 3.Hijabs with Solid Color: There’ll be plenty of students with graduation gowns around the hall and what makes you stand out & easily visible is that brightly colored hijab! Go for solid colors such as tan, white or black. They will make you look more professional as well.
  • 4.Wear your Hijab in Style: Wear your bun a little lower than usual to place your cap properly. Rather than placing directly on top of your head, bring the long piece around and place it towards the back, closer to your bun.

These are some useful ways to rock your look while wearing a Hijab! Also, don’t forget to add on light makeup to your face to compliment your look. Good luck!

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