Save 25% Now On All Your Hijabs During Ramadan

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Stock Up For Eid

Hurry while stock and supplies last! Save 25% on you entire order, simply use coupon code: RAMDAN25 Get everything you need to look great on Eid. We are glad to be able to supply all your hijab needs, right here in the United States. This means you can shop for your Eid dress then order your hijab from us! We have 2-3 day PRIORITY MAIL shipping available and 1-DAY EXPRESS MAIL shipping. To get fast shipping, please be sure to select the options when you check out and place your order BEFORE noon Eastern time. We are located in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. 

Under Scarves

We not only sell beautiful special occasion hijabs but we also sell the matching underscarves. We don't know about you, but we consider Eid to be a special occassion! Sometimes you can get away with wearing a dress that you haven't worn alot, if you match a pretty new hijab with it!

Amira & Instant Hijabs

We are the number one seller of Amira Hijabs and Instant Hijabs in the USA. So if you are new to Islam and/ or decided to start wearing hijab during the month of Ramadan, we have the easy wear, slip-on, one and two piece hijabs for you! Even Muslim women that have worn hijab for years claim the instant hijabs as their favorites!

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