Top 5 Hijab Colors For the Cold Season

Color dark brown hijab hijabs maroon hijab mustard winter yellow

Summer's OVER! It's getting chilly outside. We are starting to see the leaves change color and fall off of the trees. As we look around us we start to see the most beautiful colors that nature has to offer us at this time. Why not get a hijab that goes along with the cold season? Here are the top five colors for fall:

1. Mustard or Golden Yellow

Mustard and golden yellow present themselves everywhere from the dying leaves of the oak trees and the food we eat. Who doesn't love spaghetti squash? 

2. Fuschia

Is fuchsia purple or pink? Who cares, it's a wonderful color, especially when it gets chilly outside, so put away that lavender colored hijab until springtime!

3. Maroon

Or is it burgundy? We'll keep it halal and say maroon! this color is a deep reddish brown and reminds us of chocolate covered cherries. You can pair a maroon hijab with a white under scarf to open up your face.

4. Dark Brown

Hot chocolate just SCREAMS cold weather and so does a dark brown hijab! We also like mocha brown and chocolate brown in the winter time!

5. Dark Teal

A dark teal hijab has a tad more flavor than navy blue. Just as the sun rises in the winter time you might be able to catch a glimpse of this radiant color. Or of course you can see it all the time if you get a hijab in the same shade!

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