Important Facts You Need To Learn About Hijabs


All the Muslim ladies know what hijab is. It is the modest dress for Muslim ladies whereby the covering covers everything except the hands and face in public. A Muslim woman is supposed to cover her neck, bosom and hair. The letter ‘H’ stands for ‘head cover or scarf’. It is however a wrong belief that Muslim woman has to cover their face. On the other hand, it is said that ‘Allah’ asks them to follow the norms of clothing and no one is there to force them. So, the term implies ‘pleasing Almighty God’.

Hijab is not simply the headscarf

You may think that ‘hijabs’ imply headscarf. No, this is not the case. It is the covering for the entire body and not just the head. Then, it is the garment worn on top of the under cloth. Here the under cloth may be anything like shirt and pant, long dress, jacket, etc.

Hijab meets the dressing requirement

The word ‘a’ in ‘hijab’ stands for ‘attire’. Hijab is the covering which meets the exact dressing needs. This is the clothing which is not tight fitting to reveal the shape of the body. Indeed, this attire makes her more beautiful, respectable and presentable. She can use accessories like hijab pins and wear clothe she likes and those that are colorful.

Hijab is fashionable

There is no reason to think that a Muslim lady is forced to buy hijab under law. She can wear a hijab as per the latest fashion and choose the fabric, the accessories accordingly. As instructed by Quran, Muslim ladies are required to cover their chest and heads. This covering may be used for safety purpose also. Besides, it also helps to identify that one is a Muslim.

With the hijab, a lady can adore her neck, chest, and head and appear respectable. The style here is very similar to pashmina shawl where there is mainly a scarf and an under-scarf.

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