Interesting Ways to Style Your Hijabs and Turbans

Hijabs and Turbans

Hijabis always love to experiment and try different styles while wearing hijabs and scarves. Read on to find interesting 5 ways to style hijabs & turbans this season.

Turban Style

Wrapping hijabs in a funky turban style is a casual and trendy way to style yourself. Styling your hijab in a turban with a knot on the top provides a chic look when strewn casually across your shoulder.

Embellished Hijab

Embellished hijab is the most edgy hijab and turban styles of these days. This style is worn with a touch of innovation and has the ability to pull off varied styles. Wearing the embellished hijab wrapped around the face with both ends of the scarf casually hanging down the back is quick and provides a simple chic look.

Scarf Wrap

Scarf wrap is a fuss-free style and covers up all the hair in a swift updo. This scarf wrap style is s a new trend that is catching on and this is even attracted by non-hijabi women. This style can be easily worn using different fabrics such as jersey, chiffon, cotton and even velvet and is very easy to re-create.

One Side Sheila and Underscarf

With an underscarf you can wear the most simple hijab style with one side strewn across a shoulder. This style has become super popular and is considered as a go-to if you’re low on time for doing an elaborate hijab style.

Fancy Hijab

Fancy hijab can be worn with one side covering a bit of the face and an interlock of knots at the neck. This style is extremely graceful and provides a totally unique look.

If you are a hijabi who prefer to wear a turban or a flowing hijab, then make sure to incorporate these different styles to make an awesome style statement.

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