Solemn Truths about The Hijab Donned By Muslim Women

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When women walk around with a distinctive dark veil, they are immediately recognizable as demure Muslim maidens. While some deem wearing the hijab as an oppressive custom; there are others who wish to know the reasons that brought about this extraordinary custom. This blog gives you all the answers by revealing the truth about the hijab.

1.It’s Origin

The Holy Scripture revered by Muslim faith is their Quran, and this text elucidates ideas that state both genders must sport modest clothes. Advocating modest deeds and a simple way of life, the Quran is the text that suggests women wear hijabs. Followed since ancient times, the custom actually necessitates that all ladies don this garb when faced with unfamiliar, yet marriageable males. Along with protecting their hair, ladies must also conceal their bosoms according to their Holy text.

2.The veil is intended to make them stand out as Muslim

Experts who have studied the Quran say that ladies are made to wear such hijabs to be recognized as of Muslim faith so that they will be protected by Allah. Believed to symbolize poise, this singles out Muslim women against those of other faiths. Furthermore, it is said to help these females avoid the temptations of flesh and other related depraved deeds that stem from dressing ostentatiously.

3.Worn to avert sexual harassment

The Quranic text says that the object of this garb is to avert sexual harassment as it helps women stand out as virtuous. Moreover, since the faith shuns promiscuous clothing, it helps ladies feel safer and thrive in a culture that supports and honors them and their religious choices.

Even though it is an ancient custom, the hijab has been modified to suit contemporary styles. It is now offered in exciting hues making it a coveted dress item by many.

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