The Top 3 Hijab Myths Debunked

Although women have worn hijabs for centuries, the object of the attire has not always been clear to society. Over the years people around the world have come up with numerous absurd reasons as to why women don hijabs. This write-up seeks to debunk a few of these myths so as to better understand this Muslim custom.

Myth 1: It is a symbol of tyranny and inequality

Western society often deems this as a symbol of injustice and inequality between two genders because girls have to wear it and boys do not. However, there is much to story that remains unknown such as the Quran has suggested appropriate clothing for both sexes. Since men and women have dissimilar physical attributes as well as a divergent manner of thinking; their clothing varies, making hijabs a thoughtful choice.

Myth 2: It protects them against risks of sun stoke and cancers of the skin

This myth started when Muslim women correctly mentioned to others that the hijab was meant for protection. Although this is the truth it is not the whole truth, which led to speculation. The custom is followed because it helped girls, young women as well as seniors dodge uninvited attention from the male public.

Myth 3: Donned due to fear of prosecution from the Taliban or male relatives

A large number of people believe that Muslim women wear hijabs because they are fearful of the consequences of not doing so. While some Muslims in America are reassured by people that they should harbor no fear of prosecution from the Taliban; they fail to realize that girls wear the hijab because they are devoted to the faith.

Worn by Muslims for innumerable reasons, the hijab has evolved to exhibit every woman’s personal sense of style today and is received as a versatile preference.

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