Top 3 Hijab Styles For Fall- Autumn 2014 |

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Fall weather in the US has been CRAZY the past few years. The mornings can start of chilly and by the time you get out of school or off from work it can be hot and humid! Here are the top 3 hijab styles for Autumn 2014!

Hijab Style #1- Pashmina Hijab

Pashmina Hijab Style |

Pashmina scarves are soft and keep you warm during the windy, chilly days of this transitional season. The material is great because it isn't itchy like wool and it stays in place easily.These hijabs come in many colors and can be dressed up or down. 

We have picked the perfect pashmina weight and thickness so that it is not too heavy to make you hot. This is important because if you buy regular pashmina sold in stores, it can be so heavy that it can become very uncomfortable if you go to a place with the heater on. Also, the heavier the pashmina, the more expensive they become.'s pashmina is the perfect length so that it does not get in the way, but you can also wrap it so that it gives you volume! See our pashmina hijab video tutorial below.

Hijab Style #2- Two Piece Al-Amira Hijab

Amira Hijab Style |

Yes, the comfortable secure Al-Amira Hijab is second on the list! The windy days of Autumn won't phase this secure hijab. Eveyone can wear this hijab! Also, you can layer this hijab with the #1 Hijab Style Pashmina Hijab. When the temperature is cool in the morning you are nice and cozy, then when the temperature rises, just unwrap the pashmina and wear the amira hijab by itself! Choose white or black because they match all your hijab and scarves.

Hijab Style #3- Ombre Viscose Maxi Hijab

Ombre Maxi Hijab |

The ombre dyed hijab colors are transiting just like the season! The leaves are changing, the time will change, and of course the temperature is changing, so this hijab goes right along with the seasonal transformation. These hijab are made from a light weight viscose so simply add a matching ninja under scarf to make this style cozy. You can also use the Al-Amira Hijab Style as an under scarf for more warmth and simply remove the Ombre Maxi Hijab if the weather gets a little warmer.

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