Best Hair Care Tips for Hijab Girls

Most of the girls suffer from bad hair especially the girls who wear hijab face this problem. Even though covering your hair with scarf or hijab save them from dust or pollution, but it is also the biggest problem for your hair if you wear it for the whole day. Your hair becomes dull & lifeless, and also loses its volume and shining. The reason behind this problem is girls start thinking that no one is going to see our hair, so it doesn’t matter to take care of the hair to wash or trim regularly.

Wearing a hijab should not stop you from taking good care of your hair on a daily basis. To sustain the health and beauty of your hair, you have to follow some important tips. Continue reading….. .

1. Wash regularly, don’t tie it wet

Wash your hair regularly and keep trimming the split ends. Don’t tie your hair when they are wet or damp. Rather let them dry and then wear hijab. I t will prevent your hair from smelling bad, dryness and hair fall. Never over wash your hair.

2. Don’t tie it too tightly

This might be a well-known tip for every woman, not to tie your hair back too tightly. In the case of hijab, it may be little but try your best to tie your hair little looser so as not to strain your hair roots. Hairs strand get weaken if they pulled tightly. Either you can try loose ponytail or a bun under the hijab.

3. Skin friendly hijab

It is compulsory to use skin friendly fabric cloth hijab or wear cotton hijab with a lace under-scarf which will give air to your scalp and also keep your hair covered as well.

4. Give best hair treatment

Vitamin D is more essential for healthy hair and scalp. Even if you keep your hair covered for all the day, find at least half an hour to let them feel the sun. Sunlight contains vitamin D which makes your hair shine and bright. Try to oil your hair once in a week and use shampoo that is suitable for your hair type.

Keep all these hair care tips in your mind and ensure that your hair stays strong and healthy.

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