The Traditional Importance Of Hijabs


The term “Hijab” has been a sensitive issue for many years. Hijab is not a symbol of oppression; rather it reflects a woman’s religious conviction and modesty. Modesty had a great importance in history until the past century. Historical women in almost every society preferred to have their body covered modestly. Now it is a cultural and personal choice more than anything else.

It is the first and foremost dedication of Muslim women to their worship. Wearing hijabs as a part of their dress is a right guaranteed by the first amendment as a freedom of speech and freedom of right in the United States. As hijabs are firmly rooted in the tradition of Islam, most Non-Muslims view them as a political statement. Also, it is misunderstood that it refers to Islamic fundamentalism and the immigrants are refusing to integrate into the main society.

It is important to consider the “Three Rs of religious liberty”,

  • Rights: Religious right is something that every person must have, especially in a society which is religiously as diverse as the United States. It cannot either be given or taken away. Protecting this right must be the top priority of the government.
  • Responsibility: It is the responsibility of a good citizen to protect the rights of other. All are free to practice their religion without facing any discrimination.
  • Respect: Even if you disagree with the beliefs of a religion, it is mandatory to respect others right to religious freedom.

In addition to that, Hijab concept is not exclusive for Muslims. It is also embraced by other religions, Judaism and Christianity.

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