Scientific Health Benefits of Wearing Hijabs

Wearing hijab can provide you many health benefits; in fact, many behavioral studies suggest that hijab is the best clothes for women for all sorts of weather conditions. Also, some medical test results show that 40-60% of body heat lost through the head. So, protecting your head is an important form of health perspective. If you wear head coverings during cold months, you can protect about 50% of heat than those who do not wear. And it is also better to stay away from drafts and protect your heads in wind, breezes, and cold weather.

The word ‘Hijab’ means veil, screen, cover or curtain. Many scientific facts describe the scientific health benefits of hijab. Some of those benefits are explained below…

Psychological balance

Covering the hair with hijab has more beneficial effects on the female psyche. It improves the high correlation between what they wear and their perceptions. 

Effect of hot weather

If you spend a lot time in hot weather without sufficient protection, it can damage your health or brain in any manner. So, the health advisors recommend you to wear a broad-brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses to protect sensitive skin on head and neck and particularly around your eyes which usually sustain a lot of sun damage.

Effect of cold weather

Cold weather condition basically upsets the equilibrium of the human body which results in ill-health or increases the risk of suffering from cold/flu with aches, pain and shiver. So, wearing hijab can protect your body from winter and provides 50% of heat.

Scientifically, it is proven that wearing hijabs or head coverings can protect you from all weather conditions and serves you live hygienically. Protect your body and stay healthy forever!

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