Types Of Veil Worn By Women


Different colors of scarves and veils were conventional in many cultures centuries before Islam came into the picture during the seventh century. Head covering have been playing an important role in religions such as Orthodox Judaism and Catholicism until now. Some people criticize that women are forced to cover their head and body. However, Muslim women consider them as religious expression and self identity. The types of headscarves are given below,

  • Hijabsare the most popular headscarves used by women in the west. The term “ Hijab” means partition or barrier in Arabic. This traditional veil is preferred outside the west too. 
  • The Niqab is most common in the Gulf countries. It covers the entire body with an opening left for the eyes. There are two main styles in wearing a 
    • Niqab,Half Niqab : it consists of a headscarf with a facial veil which leaves the eyes and part of the forehead 
    • visible.Full niaqb : in this type, the veil has a narrow slit for vision.
  • Chador is a shawl that hides full body and it is closed at the neck manually or with pins. It leaves the face completely open. They are often black in color and are more common in the Middle East.
  • In case of Burqa, the entire body and face is covered. It has a see through screen over the eyes. It was widely used in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

They are commonly viewed as a sign of modesty and symbol of Islamic faith.

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