Essential Hair Care Tips for Women Who Wear Hijabs


Women who wear hijabs often tend to ignore the health of their hair. As a result, the hair that is comfortably hidden under the hijab becomes dry, limp and dull in the long run. Follow these simple hair care tips while wearing the hijab to ensure optimal hair health.

Let the scalp breathe

Be sure to untie the hair and let the scalp breathe after a long day in the outdoors. Remove the hijab and let the hair strands free for the night. Gently massage the scalp to release its natural oils and to keep the hair strands moisturized. This hair routine must be practiced regularly to avoid dry, itchy and dandruff-prone scalp.

Never wear a hijab over wet hair

Women who tie their wet hair in a jiff and wear a hijab over it are highly prone to hair breakage. Styling the wet hair leads to increased pressure on the hair strands and the moisture arrested under the hijab can deter hair growth.

Choose a good fabric

Always choose hijabs that are light in weight and made of natural fabrics. Natural fabrics allow the scalp to breathe and also keep the strands moisturized. While using synthetic fibers, use a scarf under the hijab to avoid friction and breakage.

In addition to these tips, women who wear hijabs must not forgo the general hair care routine recommended for all women. A balanced diet combined with regular washing and brushing of the hair strands keeps the health of the hair intact forever.

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