Factors to Consider While Selecting a Hijab Scarf

The primary function of a hijab scarf is to cover your hair, forehead and neck. It can be made of plain or printed cloth and can be purchased in stitched or unstitched form. Hijab scarves are available in a range of colors and fabrics. But the main factors that ultimately decide your choice are comfort, occasion, style and of course, religion. We’ll discuss these and a few more factors below.

Age and comfort

Teenage girls can wear a variety of colored scarves with skirts and jeans. Middle aged and older women are expected to wear more traditional hijabs. The length and width of your hijabscarf plays an important factor in your comfort. Additionally, the cloth should allow you to breath and allow circulation so that you can move about with ease. Purchasing stitched scarves are a safe bet.

Style and fashion

Younger girls have a lot of options when it comes to hijabs. You have a lot of chicaccessories and colors to choose from. Accessories include flowers, jeweled stones and butterfly pins, while chiffon, satin and voile is elegant materials that also provide great comfort.

Occasion and season

Just as with most clothes, the shade of your hijab matters when it comes to the occasion you choose to attend. Avoid funky colors for formal occasions. But feel free to use them for casual occasions. Choose light colors for summertime and darker colors for winter.

Culture and religion

A hijab is more than just a piece of clothing. It’s also an important symbol of Muslim identity. Muslims all over the world wear a hijab when they’re out of home. You are also advised to go for long and opaque scarf to cover your chest area.

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