Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Hijab

Living in a cosmopolitan environment can make even the most conservative patterns change. And a hijab is a typical example of this. Today, hijabs are available in diverse patterns and more importantly, a range of fabrics that you can choose to serve your comfort. And that’s what we’ve decided to discuss in this blog post. Here are some of the best fabrics that you can choose for your Hijab.


If you’re a fan of draping, then chiffon is the right fabric for your hijab. Chiffon is airy and lightweight making it one of the most comfortable materials. And this is what makes it such a good drape, producing a graceful flair at the front and back. It also works stunningly well with the weight of gravity. But be sure to have an undercap to keep your hijab in place.


Choosing satin is something you just cannot regret, especially if you’re in for a luxurious night. A satin scarf adds a touch of elegance. But be sure to avoid cheap satin because satin is a material that should capture and reflect light from different angles.

Word of advice: If you’re not used to wearing satin hijabs, then you should probably begin with darker colors and then gradually make your way towards lighter colors.


Voile hijabs are a relatively new phenomenon. This Parisian fabric is lightweight, sweat-absorbent and doesn’t cling to yourself, allowing you enough room for internal circulation. But voile snags quite easily, and frequent use of this material can cause it to tear.

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