Wearing Your Hijab during summer: A Few Tips to Beat the Heat


Picture this. It’s almost forty degrees outside on a weekday, and you’re supposed to go out to meet a few friends. While a hijab may not look like the most comfortable set of clothes for the summer, you can change that with just a few changes. In this blog post, we’ll show you exactly what you can do to so you don’t completely sweat it out in the summer heat.

Avoid additional layers of clothing

It’s a common practice for many women to add another layer to their hijab, usually in the form of a scarf or a scrunchie. This may look quite fashionable, but it certainly isn’t going to make the weather easier for you to handle.

Wear turbans

Turbans are quite comfortable to wear, and moreover, they aren’t wrapped around your neck and so make it easier for you to breathe and give you a classy appearance. But in case you don’t want to reveal your neck, you can opt to wear a chiffon scarf on your shoulders.

Get yourself a ‘ready-to-wear’ hijab

This is basically a scarf that is already sewn, allowing it to fit perfectly around your head without the need to wrap it, arrange it or pin it. These hijabs only have one layer of material, so you can wear it comfortably during summers. Besides this, they also save you tons of time in getting ready.

Select light materials

Silk over cotton is the obvious choice here. Cotton hijabs are the most commonly used hijabs and are great during moderate and cool climates. However, you’ll want to go for something lighter during summer, and silk is a great choice to go with.

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