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It was a hard decision to close and to re-open as Their were many reasons for this, but the main reason was so that I could market directly to ladies trying to find an online hijab shop that ships from The United States of America (USA). Some people were misspelling scarves as scarfs and online, that means you end up at the wrong place. Also, because a lot of my customers don't speak English as a first language, they didn't equate scarves with hijab. This went both ways, some ladies coming to my store thought that the scarves displayed on the mannequins were something other than simply scarves. So I decided to rename my store and focus all my attention to getting the word out to ladies that would like to cover. is exactly what it says, a store where you can by hijab and hijab accessories. Together we can get the word out on a place where ladies can get the head covering part of al-hijab!

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