Soccer (Football) and Hijab Ban

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I couldn't believe that a grown woman, Brandi Chastain, could take off her shirt in the middle of a soccer field and be applauded around the world as a hero that our daughters should look up to, but a Muslim girl couldn't cover her body by observing hijab. 

I remember back in 2007 when then, 11-year-old Asmahan Mansour was kicked off a soccer field for wearing her hijab. Mansour's courageous team stood by her side and refused to play in a tournament since she wasn't allowed to play with her hijab.

I am glad that FIFA seems to be lifting the ban. As far as I have read, they are trying a specially designed hijab. This is still non-sense to me. A Muslim woman or girl should be able to wear a simple matching Al-Amira Hijab tucked in and keep it moving. 

I can see non-professional and youth leagues following in FIFA's footsteps and requiring this "specially designed" hijab. I've seen special sports hijab that costs $30-$50 a piece. Imagine if you were required to buy this for your daughter in order for her to be able to compete in a youth soccer league. You would have to find the color you need, order it, and receive it in time for the start of the season. Right now one or two designers are working on the protocol models, which means COPYRIGHTS! I really hope it doesn't come down to this. 

I've never heard of a woman or girl dying on the field from suffocation or being choked by her hijab. But yes some players in other sports have died as a result of head trauma and other injuries sustained by other types of "head gear" worn during games. I wonder when the NFL will ban its helments and its balaclava.

NFL Balaclava worn by NFL players in the winter to keep warm!

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