Hijab Fashion in Tokyo

designer fall Fashion Hijab indonesian layers scarves Tokyo Week winter

A model displays a creation by Indonesian fashion designer Windri Widiesta Dhari during the Nur Zahra 2014-2015 autumn/winter collection show at Tokyo Fashion Week. (AFP photo)

I was reading an article about how hijab designs took "center stage" at Tokyo's Fashion Week! Loved it. My favorite part was when the Indonesian designer said that wearing loose and modest clothing makes you look more sophisticated. The brand that was represented in the article was NurZahra. They were showing off their Fall/ Winter line called "Layers of Fidelity". 

So, yes ladies...layers are still in, and will be in for a LONG time. I personally love the layered look because it allows me to match one scarf with several outfits. I can get a new under scarf cap and revive an old hijab! 

I love the under scarves in the picture above, but the scarf is a bit much (great for a runway though).

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