Khaliji Bump- Better Yet Call it the AFRICAN BUMP!

African Afro-Puff American Bump Curly Hair Hijab Khaliji Muslim Nautral Scholars Wearing Hijab Women

I'm not here to criticize the khaliji bump or "high ponytail", or whatever it maybe called. Everywhere you look, people have an opinion. I haven't read an article stating that African type hair doesn't need a clip, a bumb or anything. Its natural hair that when combed back into a neat "pony-tail" to be put under a hijab (scarf) becomes what most people know as an "AFRO-PUFF"!


So even though so "scholars" are commenting and making things forbidden, they are not hair experts and African Muslims and other Muslim women with extra curly hair type have no choice in the matter. This hair type is naturally thick, puffy, curly, and BEAUTIFUL! Just another way to discourage some ladies from embracing wearing hijab! "Scholars", thanks but no thanks. I have displayed pictures of non-Muslim women with this NATURAL hair type. So maybe we can rename it to the African Bump and the same "scholars" can conclude that its the natural hair that Allah (SWT) gave MILLIONS of Muslim women around the globe!

Hijab starts in the heart and with your personal intent. So, if you want to be noticed your actions will reflect this with or without wearing a scarf.

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