Hijab Style Tips to Stay Cool This Summer

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One of the biggest worrying questions every hijab girl comes across is “How to wear hijab to stay cool in summer? It can be really frustrating to wear the headscarf or hijab in the scorching hot weather. Don't worry, here is a list of hijab styles and tips to be noted to crown you with a hijab without melting underneath the scarves.

  • During hot summer days, wear hijabs with breathable fabric.
  • Choose a lightweight fabric hijab for a hot and humid weather.
  • Use scarves that are loosely woven, like viscose scarves since they are very breathable.
  • During long journey days, pack yourself a mini battery powered pocket fan to help run some cool air underneath your hijab.
  • Before putting your hijab on, make sure that your hair is completely dry.
  • Avoid wearing wool fabric and heavy polyester materials which adds up layers and volume.
  • For Turkish style, choose silk fabric and wear jersey fabric for wraps.
  • Even if you are a woman who is mastered in the art of layering, avoid layering.
  • Drink lots of water and keep face wipes with you throughout the day to freshen up.
  • In addition to applying SPF daily, wear sunglasses that shield UV rays and protect your eyes.
  • Leave your thicker fabric hijabs, like pashminas aside and choose cotton fabrics that will help you have some air circulation.

So, why wait? Follow these tips now to stay cool in the summer while being modest.

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