The Five Types of Hijabs That Every Hijabi Needs


While fashion evolves with every passing day, owning the staples continues to be mandatory. For instance, no matter how many colors and styles of pants have hit the market, one needs the conventional “blue jeans” to go back to. Like any other piece of clothing, there are a few staples in hijabs too. Read on to find out about the most important hijab types that every woman must own.

The Black and the Neutral hijab

No matter how many colored hijabs you own, nothing can match the versatility of the black hijab. The black color tones down the overall look and the hijab can be used for any occasion. Similar to the black hijab, one needs a neutral-colored hijab too. This option is always open when you don’t know which hijab to wear.

The Instant Hijab

Urgent situations that demand women to be prepared with the right attire are plenty. For such time-constrained situations, one needs the instant hijab. Avoid the effort and time spent on perfectly wrapping the hijab around the head and securing it in the right position with easy slip on hijabs.

The Popular Hijab

Browse through your favorite hijabs online store to find your favorite hijab with the most mind blowing colors and designs. This hijab will be your own statement of fashion and an accessory that your friends will relate you to. Fashion experts suggest buying the statement hijab with motley of colors so that it can be matched with a whole range of tops and skirts.

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