Simple Tutorials to Wear Hijab Everyday

Looking for simple hijab tutorials? Or ideas about how to wear hijab elegantly to bring beautiful look? Such questions always come around in every girl’s mind. Well, here you can understand about the Hijabs fashion about which style is in a peak for today’s trend.

Basically, Hijab is the Arabic word which means ‘to hide from the view’. It is often worn by Muslim women that have a significant role in Islam. There are several ways to wear and style hijab which adds the finishing touch to your face. In the Western region, it can be done using platted scarf, stylish twisted/fancy fabric/knitted scarfs.

Some of the great hijab styling tips according to your face are as follows,

Round face: Turkish hijabs are suitable for the round shaped face
Square face: Kuwait hijab style suits for the square shaped face.
Long face: Al Amirah suits you the best. This style shortens your face with under-caps.
Rectangular face: For the rectangular shaped face, keep your forehead visible to make sure this style of hijab lengthens your face. Bring the hijab bit closer to your face from all sides.

Easy Step by step method to wear hijab:

• Fold the scarf into a triangle.
• Place the scarf on the head with the one side under the chin and let the other side longer.
• Wrap the longer side behind your head and bring it to the other side.
• Put the scarf behind your head and spread it at the shoulder.
• Use pins to hold tight.

These are the basic tutorial on wearing hijab to look elegant and beautiful. You can also choose the style which suits for your face. Select a unique style for you and look beautiful!

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