The Common Misconceptions about the Hijab

Hijab may not be the most important part of Islam but it is certainly the most visible element in an Islamic women. The decision to wear a hijab is entirely that of the woman and it is a way of expressing one’s principles about modesty and humility. However, the act of wearing a hijab continues to be plagued by some common myths. Read on to find out more.

Myth 1: Women wearing hijabs cannot look stylish

Hijabs come in plenty of colors, patterns, materials and textures. There are the silk ones, the glittered ones and then the embroidered ones. They can be worn in a number of styles and matched with skirts, palazzos, pants and every possible piece of stylish clothing. Accessories like sunglasses, belts and necklaces can be added to the hijab for a complete and trendy look.

Myth 2: Women who wear hijabs are too conservative

Hijabs are for women who value certain religious beliefs and they have no connection with the capabilities or skills of an individual whatsoever. From women who hold very high positions in the corporate world to those who practice sports at an international level, wearing a hijab does not interfere with the ability to grow and achieve greater heights in one’s career.

Myth 3: Hijab is a way of religious profiling

Certainly not! Hijabs are not a tool of religious oppression. Choosing to wear a hijab is entirely in the hands of a woman who is free to pick her favorite options when it comes to colors, patterns and materials. Hijabs can be worn to work as well as to parties and women are in complete control of the hijab styles that they wish to flaunt.

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