The Four Common Hijab Mistakes

Wearing a hijab offers multiple benefits. To start with it is a strong way of expressing one’s beliefs and principles. And then there are no bad hair days and accessorizing is relatively easier. However beginners and in some cases seasoned wearers of the hijab tend to make a few mistakes that can spoil the overall hijab look. Read on to explore these common mistakes.

Missing the under scarf

An under scarf does not only keep the hijab in place but also helps to shape the face perfectly. The wearer may use over a dozen hairpins and yet it takes a good under scarf to keep the hijab intact in its place. The significance of an under scarf is multiplied by several times when the wearer has smooth and silky hair.

Not investing in good quality hijabs

Not all hijabs are the same in quality and the cheaper ones tend to shrink and lose color with time. As a result the wearer fails to achieve the perfect look for work or for any casual setup. Hijabs must be wide enough to properly cover the head and must allow the wearer to try different styles and techniques.

Adding too much volume

Some women use thicker hair bands to add more volume to the hijab. While this is not really a mistake, going overboard with this step can spoil the overall look. A simple pony tail wrapped with a piece of material around it can do the trick best.

Not covering up the hair

A common mistake especially among beginners is letting the hair flow outside the hijab. This is traditionally as well as aesthetically less appealing as the whole purpose of a hijab is to cover the head completely.

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