The Three Types of Hijab Fabrics That Every Woman Must Know

Hijab Fabrics

Hijabsand hijab styles have evolved with time and modern hijabis know how to pull a great look with the perfect hijab. The first step towards achieving a perfect look with the right choice of hijab is learning about the different hijab fabrics available today. Read on to find out more about the most common types of hijabs.

Chiffon hijabs

A chiffon hijab is all about lightweight and sheer. If you love to drape the hijab, then chiffon will be the best choice. The airy material drapes perfectly in the front as well as in the back and flows beautifully around the head. Women wearing chiffon hijabs must wear an under cap to secure the hijab in place.

Viscose hijabs

The most popular constituent material of maxi hijabs is viscose. The viscose material is light in weight and is suitable for women who choose voluminous hijab styles. The material feels very soft and wraps around the head beautifully. Viscose is a relatively less expensive material and women who wish to collect hijabs in every possible hue can opt for this material.

Polyester hijabs

Polyester is strong, sturdy and is made from synthetic fibers. Women, living in colder areas where perspiration is not a concern, can opt for polyester hijabs. Polyester hijabs come in different styles and shades and the options are abundant.

Now that you know about the most common types of hijab material, look out for the most suitable choice when you set out to buy hijab the next time.

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