The Ultimate Hair Care Checklist for a Hijabi


Hair Care Checklist for a Hijabi

Every hijabi must follow a regular hair routine in order to protect the locks hidden within the pretty hijab. Some hijabi women tend to ignore their hair and comfortably cover it all up with the hijab. However, this could lead to very poor hair health in the long run and impact the overall look of the individual.

Here is a list of the most important hair care tips that must be followed by every hijabi.

  • Wearing a hijab could rumple the hair and therefore one must detangle the locks on a daily basis. Use a wide toothed comb and start from the scalp and go right up to the ends. Increased blood circulation in the scalp and prevention of hair breakage are the benefits of this practice.
  • Most women use under-scarves while wearing a hijab. Make sure the scarf is made from natural fabric fibers and is kept loose always.
  • While wearing the hijab, choose styles that are hair-friendly. Buy Hijab patterns that are not too tight and supports the hair health.
  • Since you have the comfort of the hijab on your bad hair days too, do not forget the benefits of a good hair massage or hair spa. Pamper your hair with essential oils, trim the ends regularly and keep the locks well-moisturized.

Finally, do not miss the chance to let your hair loose. At the end of the day, unbraid your hair and allow the scalp to breath.

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