Four Hijab Looks That Every Women Must Try!

Carrying yourself in a chic outfit can offer oodles of self-confidence. Try our top four hijab looks this season and dazzle like a diva!

Hijab and the shirts

A very popular trend that allows plenty of options is the matching of the hijab with a long, flowing skirt. Tulle skirts in pastel shades with colorful hijabs can make you look so elegant. Maxi skirts seem to be the favorite of office-goers. Feel free to adorn a cardigan or a leather jacket to complete the look.

Hijab and baggy pants

Street style fashion lovers cannot miss this one.Try matching your hijab to the color of your pant or simply play around with your choice of bright and light shades. A tucked in shirt with a baggy pant, an overcoat and a chiffon hijab is all you need to look modish.

Leather pants and jeans are fantastic choices too!

If “baggy” is not your cup of tea, wear your favorite pair of jeans with a full-sleeved shirt. Choose a pastel color hijab and add some pearls in the form of a brooch or a headband! The jeans, the shirt (make it a lighter shade preferably) and the hijab offer a professional look and the pearls offer the perfect finish. For a more stylish look, replace the jeans with baggy leather pants.

Long coats and the hijab

A long coat, long leather boots and hijab with tassels is a fantastic combination and very apt for the winter season. Replace the boots with flats or sneakers for a more casual look.

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