Three Ways to Accessorize Your Hijab Look

Accessories do not look good with the hijab, stated an old myth! Hijabi women can accessorize themselves and look as fashionable as ever! From brooches to head bands, there are multiple accessories that go well with the hijab and can indeed turn you into a true diva! Find out the top three accessorizing tips from hijabi fashionistas.

Bows are classic and yet never out of vogue

Add colorful bows over the hijab and along the sides! The grandeur of the bow depends upon the occasion you plan to be a part of. For parties and weddings, choose bows that are embellished with stones. Buy hijab in bright colors to match the stylish bows.

Brooches are simple and yet classy too

Brooches are highly affordable and are the most subtle way to add spunk to the hijab look. They are available in plenty of sizes, colors and patterns and one can easily be spoilt for choice. However, crystal brooches and brooches with floral patterns remain on the top of the list.

Headbands, both big and small

If you have a wide forehead, why not try headbands with floral prints or stones? Headbands are the favorite of young girls and can help you create a truly unique style statement. Fashion experts explain that while wearing headbands, it would be a great idea to choose hijabs online with tassels. In fact, the tassels are increasing growing in popularity and almost all types of hijabs are available with tassels.

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