Things You Need to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Hijab

Choosing the right stuff for your hijab is an actual fun, and everyone is not aware how to get it. Here we have discussed the two common factors one should keep in mind while choosing a hijab.

Current Trend

While choosing a hijab, you need to focus on the current fashion trends. You can also decorate your hijab with the help of trendy accessories according to the latest trend. Embroidery work, jeweled stones, floral prints and butterfly pins give a great look for your hijab. Shaylas for mature females and long stoles for young girls are the best choice, and it can be worn with layers to give a gorgeous look and stylish feel. The net, chiffon, and silk stuffed hijabs make a unique and trendy scarf.

Face Shape

Every one of us is blessed with different face shapes. So choosing the correct hijab according to your face shape will give you a unique look. Picking the right stuff can make you feel comfortable while wearing and it should match the color and pattern of your outfits too. Before buying a hijab, you need to know your facial color, structure, and feature, so that you can choose the one best suite you. We have mentioned few tips to wear hijab for three different face structures.

  • The Square Face: You can “ovalise” it by framing your hijab around the forehead in a rounder shape.
  • The Rectangular Face: You can avoid hiding your forehead and eyebrows to get a good look.
  • The Round Face:Let the hijab fall against your cheeks and chin loosely.

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