Top 3 Hijab Styles For Eid Al-Adha 2017 |

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Need Hijab Style Inspiration For Eid. Here are our top 3 styles for Eid 2017!

1. Add a stylish under scarf cap

We have many styles of under scarves and inner hijab that have decorative designs and rhinestones. You can spruce up one of your old solid color hijabs with this and it will look BRAND NEW for Eid! Check them out here:

2. One Piece Stylish Al-Amira Hijabs

We have many one piece al-amira styles to choose from that have decorative designs on them. be sure to get a coordinating plain tube under scarf to cover your edges.

Click Here To Shop Our One Piece Hijabs

3.  Instant Hijab With Sequins Visor

This hijab is great to "grab and go" !  This hijab gives you full coverage and an optional chin coverage. The beautiful sequins is perfect for any special occasion. See more colors here

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